Torched Church In Tabgha

Remember that reaching salvation is only possible through action
You have the ability to save these Holy Sites by clicking here

  • Preventative patrols conduct
    Preventative patrols (open and concealed) are conducted during various and varying times outside the Holy Sites, aimed at preventing the crimes of hatred.
  • Meeting with governmental representative
    Meeting at the Ministry of the Interior with the relevant authority responsible for Christian Holy Sites, in order to promote the activities and goals of Ishieldchurch.

Examples of crimes of hatred that have been perpetrated in the Holy Land over recent years

Lending A Hand in Interfaith

Trappist monastery damaged

Jesus miracle church was damaged 'by arson'

Mafia Radicals War `Living Bread Church'

These crimes of hatred not only constitute damage to our beloved Christian brothers, who dedicate their lives for us by preserving the Holy Sites for all of us, but also a Spiritual Crucifixion of each of our souls.

Together we have the power to prevent and stop blasphemy! Our main purpose is to prevent those crimes of hatred. In order to do so, Ishiedchurch maintains an emergency E-mail for receiving information about crimes of hatred that are about to occur shortly. Immediately on receipt of information Ishieldchurch is contacting the authorities in the Holy Land, which will thwart the planned crime and arrest the criminals.

Ignoring the needs of others is the road that leading directly to Hell, while caring about others is an act of benevolence and the golden path to Heaven.

Therefore, do not let idleness block the way when Jesus servants and protectors at the holy sites need your assistance, meaning a simple click on your part, You will then have earned a place in the most important social venture that you have participated in your life and earn the right to be considered a member of the community of protectors of Christian Saints, Ishieldchurch, and according to tradition, you will have paved your way to Heaven.

As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me …  Matthew Chapter 25 Verse 40.

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