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Frequently Asked Questions

Ishieldchurch is overseen by: an attorney at law, a chartered accountant, a retired police officer and reports pursuant to the law of full transparency to the legal authorities regarding the funds received.

Despite the fact that Ishieldchurch’s activities are fully legal, in order for Ishieldchurch to conduct its activities with no fear within the Holy Land, it has been forced to act secretly (regarding a major part of its activities), so that those perpetrators of the crimes of hatred will not act violently against Ishieldchurch’s personnel with the purposes of threatening them to cease their war against the perpetrators of the crimes of hatred (consequently, we cannot publish the names and pictures of those dealing in this holy cause on the website).

Ishieldchurch is not an entity trying to raise short-term one-time charity, but we are social enterprise (as specified in terms and conditions) seeking true partners along the path to realizing our goals:

  1. Preventing crimes of hatred against Christian Holy Sites.
  2. Make sure that perpetrators of crimes of hatred get appropriate and intimidating punishments.

Of course each supporter automatically receives immediate certificate of an acceptance and membership in Ishielschurch via email.

In addition, each person who attributes his support to the church protection group in the Holy Land, is entitled to mark in which of the Sacraments he wishes to be included. support such as this that saves our brothers and sisters, who dedicate their entire lives to working with God for our sakes in the churches is the highest value obtaining a come on one for each Christian and, which in itself, has the ability to atone for our sins as it contains an expression of mercy towards our brothers and sisters – who represent the Body of Christ – who dedicate their souls  to the maintenance of the Holy Sites (“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.” John 1 Chapter 3 Verse 16).

Transfer at our website are secured via the most stringent security measures, for example, PayPal payment.

For those interested in providing support offline (for support of $50 USD and above) you can send a bank check

For those interested in providing support offline (for support of $50 USD and above) you can send the bank check to:

IITHL (Ishieldchurch IThe Holy Land)

P.O. BOX 15011
REHOVOT 7615001

In the bank check on the “PAY TO” line, you can leave blank or register:

IITHL (Ishieldchurch In The Holy Land) or the full name specified in Terms and Conditions.

In order to recive tax Invoice\Receipt please mantion on the envelope your E-Mail adress.

In addition you allowed to choose any of the sacraments that appears on the website here.

To the best of our knowledge, Ishieldchurch is the only one in the Holy Land that performs the activities listed above.

The WebSite that you’re currently visiting (Ishieldchurch) belongs to as detailed and listed in terms and conditions which is legally registered and one of its major objective is overcoming crimes of hated perpetrated in the holy land against the churches and the holiest sites of christianity.

At any time you can click here and ask to cancel the monthly support.
Cancellation will be done within 14 working days.

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