Our Christian brothers and sisters

Help !!!

We are the victims of arson

Ishieldchurch maintains an emergency E-mail (“the red E-mail”) for receiving information about crimes of hatred that are about/are likely to occur shortly from various people in the field itself. Ishieldchurch is prepared to pay money to human sources for the aforementioned information.
Immediately on receipt of the information, Ishieldchurch will transfer it to the appropriate entities in the Holy Land for the purposes of preventing that crime of hatred and arresting the criminals. (Please write to this emergency E-mail for transmitting information and/or for meeting with the Ishieldchurch’s Intelligence and Investigations Coordinator).
Furthermore, Ishieldchurch makes sure that the heads of the specific Holy Site, which is supposed to be attacked, based on the information, will be prepared properly prior to the date, for the purposes of thwarting the crime of hatred planned against them. Inter alia, Ishieldchurch support preventive patrols – both open and secret – during various and varying times outside the Holy Sites, aimed at thwarting the crimes of hatred.

When a crime of hatred actually occurs (when Ishieldchurch was unable to prevent its commencement despite all the aforementioned  activities),  indeed, Ishieldchurch will go into immediate emergency action as follows:

       a. Immediately contacting the commander of the National Crime Division at the Israel Police (and his relevant officers), via a retired investigation officer of the Israel Police (who belongs to Ishieldchurch) with the goal of ensuring that investigation is not covered up and that all the efforts at the disposal of the unit are invested (from an aspect of means and personnel) to capture the perpetrators of the crime of hatred and to investigate them thoroughly.

       b. Legal accompaniment through an attorney at law (who belongs to Ishieldchurch), who will ensure that the case is not closed by the state attorney for a lack of public interest/a lack of evidence etc., but will file a criminal charge sheet against the perpetrators of the crime of hatred in court.

      c. A regular follow-up (through the attorney at law who belongs to Ishieldchurch) on the manner of conducting the proceedings against the perpetrators of the crime of hatred in court and presenting Ishieldchurch’s attitude according to which the actual jail sentence for the perpetrators of the crimes of hate should be stiffened, with the goal of convicting them for a criminal offense and that the law will be exhausted to the full from an aspect of the severity of the sentence imposed on them.

      d. On the termination of the criminal proceedings, the attorney at law on behalf of Ishieldchurch will submit a claim for civil damages against the perpetrators of the crime of hatred so that they foot the bill (as compensation to the Holy Site that they damaged) for the immense damage that their crime of hatred caused.

Maintaining regular contact with the relevant entities at the legislative and executive authority in the country, with the goal of presenting and promoting Ishieldchurch’s objectives in the most proper manner before these entities.

Education for Tolerance

Education and explanation in the Holy Land for brotherhood and tolerance towards people who differ from you.

In order to arrange a free lecture, please send a detailed request which include your address and the essence of the organization in which the lecture is supposed to take place in the Holy Land.

Academic scholarship awards

Bestowing scholarships on academic investigators who attempt to investigate the roots of the phenomenon of crimes of hatred and the educational and other methods for coping with it.

Investigators in the academy (only from the Holy land) are entitled to send individual requests for a scholarship, detailing the essence of their academic work etc. Preference will be given to academic investigators that belong to universities and research institutions that are physically active in the Holy Land.

Providing mental distress relief

Providing a response (through an appropriate professional) to continuous mental distress from which the Christian victims  living in damaged by crimes of hatred Holy Sites are suffering. 

For full free contact with an appropriate professional, please send a detailed request specifying the crime of hatred that caused that mental distress, the function of the person requiring aid and the methods of contacting him.

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