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Privacy Policy

Those privacy policy Constitutes an inseparable part from the terms and conditions.

With intentional purpose, we do not request any personal / identification details whatsoever from the user beyond the basic details required on the website such as Name and/or address and/or methods of communication with the user and/or his electronic mail address and/or the credit card details at his disposal. Fields that must be completed will be marked specifically. Without providing the data requested in the obligatory fields,  you will not be able to be registered for the services that necessitate registration. The aforementioned data that you furnish will be saved in Ishieldchurch’s  data bank. Pursuant to the law, you are not bound to provide the information, but, without providing it, you will not be able to use these services.

We will share details provided with: Legal entities, associations, companies, organizations, entities or people outside of Ishieldchurch only if we think that the sharing is in line with Ishieldchurch’s goals and/or does not contradict them and/or subject to compliance with any law and/or need: Prevention/ identification/treatment of security and/or technical  issues and/or for any legal proceedings whatsoever.

While using the website, an accumulation of information on your customs, information or publications that you read on the website, the pages which you viewed, the proposals and services that interested you, means of payment that you used, the location of the computer through which you access the website etc. could accumulate.
Ishieldchurch is entitled to use information that you provided and/or that has been accumulated about you for making contact with you (if necessary) and/or for the purposes of analyzing and delivering statistical information to third parties, including advertisers.

From time to time, Ishieldchurch is entitled to send you (whether through it or through the website) via electronic mail: information/marketing information/advertisements, service notices, administrative notices, and newsletters etc. regarding its services.
At all times you can cease receiving the information as aforementioned.

From time to time, Ishieldchurch is entitled to send you (whether through it or through the website) via electronic mail: Information/marketing information/advertisements, newsletters etc. that you will receive for the purposes of delivery from other advertisers. 
At all times you can cease receiving the information as aforementioned.

Ishieldchurch reserves the right to change the conditions of use on the website at any time and without advance notice and the change shall apply immediately (and should there be any contradiction between the changes and the conditions of use, the changes will prevail). Therefore, you must peruse these conditions of use permanently. If you do not consent to the conditions of use and these regulations, it would be feasible for you to stop using the service.
In any event, the conditions of use and these regulations apply and create a legal relationship between the user and Ishieldchurch only and do not create any rights for the benefit of any third party whatsoever.

The user is not obligated to provide any details whatsoever to Ishieldchurch and furnishing them will be executed pursuant to the user’s wish only. 
Ishieldchurch will make use of the information received from the user pursuant to the provisions of any law in Israel.

On using the website, the user provides his consent to the fact that Ishieldchurch will disclose and/or transfer identification details about him that were received by it from him, including the user’s details available at it, the IP number of the communicating computer, the times  duration of the communication, and any other and/or additional information that is likely to identify the user and/or link the user to any activity whatsoever on the web. The user hereby consents and irrevocably authorizes Ishieldchurch’s right to do this, pursuant to Ishieldchurch’s sole discretion, including in the event of a merger of Ishieldchurch’s activities with another entity, or pursuant to the requirements of the law or the competent authorities or by  virtue of a judicial order, without any need for any advance notice or receiving additional consent for this from the user beyond those established in these conditions of use. The user hereby consents and irrevocably confirms that he shall not have any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against Ishieldchurch in the cases as aforementioned, or for any other reason

The user undertakes not to use and/or act on the website in relation to the following actions: Harassment and/or delivering slogans and/or personal details about users, impersonation of another, making any advertisement and/or promotions of any kind whatsoever,  any political content whatsoever, use of coarse and/or derogatory and/or racist and/or anti-Semitic and/or pornographic language, collecting details on other users, copying details and/or announcements and/or publications and/or presenting them in another location for commercial purposes or in a manner that could jeopardize Ishieldchurch’s interests, flooding this website with repetitive notices, promoting artificial content, publishing false or misleading materials.

These regulations will apply for the benefit of Ishieldchurch, which is entitled to transfer and/or endorse these regulations and/or rights and/or the obligations included in and/or deriving from them, fully or partially to an individual, corporation or any legal entity, including a parent company, subsidiary, associated company by way of transfer, sale, impartation, merger, split, consolidation etc. without the need for any advance notice or the user’s consent.

Ishieldchurch is not responsible for the websites to which there are links on the website and for the quality of the service provided to them and shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding these websites. The links existing on the website should not be perceived as a recommendation to use them and they are on the website solely for the user’s convenience. Failure of Ishieldchurch to adopt measures (against a user that has breached the conditions of use) shall not be deemed as a waiver of its rights against the user.

When you upload or send content to Ishieldchurch directly or indirectly, you impart Ishieldchurch with a global license that permits it to use this content, preserve it, store it retrieve it and to change it, to create other content from it, to publish it, distribute it, treat it in a manner so that it will be presented to the public  in various ways.
Each supplier/service provider (including: An (external) attorney at law, chartered accountant, on behalf of Ishieldchurch, translator, the builder and promoter of this website) (hereinafter: “The supplier”) to Ishieldchurch hereby declares and undertakes that any information reaching him from any entity whatsoever (including from Ishieldchurch) about Ishieldchurch is a commercial/business secret as  defined in Section 91 of the Penal Law, 5737 – 1977) and will be kept  in absolute confidence by the supplier, who will not make any use of it whatsoever and/or shall not disclose the aforementioned information to any third party whatsoever without Ishieldchurch’s advance written consent.
The supplier agrees that Ishieldchurch has ownership of the rights to any content on this website (including any content uploaded on the website, even if uploaded by the supplier) and, consequently, the supplier shall not use the copyrights of the website (which belong to Ishieldchurch) for any others.  I.e., regarding Section 35 of the Copyright Law – 2007, the entity ordering the creation (Ishieldchurch) shall be perceived as the sole owner of the copyright in it.

The user and supplier undertake in relation to any link and/or publication and/or content whatsoever including Photography, video, trademark, format, recording, picture, illustration, any text whatsoever, design etc. that he uploads and/or causes to be presented on this website, that he bears full responsibility for that content and/or there is no legal and/or contractual and/or moral and/or other restriction that prevents him from uploading and/or publishing this content and the user and supplier hereby absolutely and expressly exempts Ishieldchurch from any responsibility and/or indebtedness linked to this.

The user hereby declares that he is aware that Ishieldchurch is not responsible, in any event, for the quality, reliability, correctness, wholeness, updating, legality and functioning of the content on the website and, of course, Ishieldchurch is also not responsible for any reliance that the user makes in relation to the content of browsers, as well as in relation to information or content as they are defined above.

At its sole discretion, Ishieldchurch is entitled to set conditions and/or restrictions in relation to the content of browsers and/or to you erase it at Ishieldchurch’s sole and full discretion. This, inter alia, but not only on the expiry of a time period and/or in the wake of a deviation in relation to the conditions of use of the website.

At its sole discretion, Ishieldchurch is entitled to refuse to publish and/or erase and/or make changes fully or partially to browser content whether it has not yet been uploaded for publication or if it has already been published, without the necessity of the user’s consent or providing advance notice to the user. This, inter alia, following damage and/or a fear of damage to the provisions in the conditions of use of the site, the provisions of the law or to the rights of third parties and/or in view of an instruction by the competent authorities and/or for technical reasons, including technological changes and this even if no backup whatsoever has been maintained for the browser content.

By virtue of uploading browser content by the user to the website, he irrevocably imparts Ishieldchurch and/or anyone on its behalf and without consideration with a license unlimited in time for using the aforementioned content.
Uploading browser content onto the website does not negate the rights of the owners of the copyrights of the browser content, but, as aforementioned, it does impact the company with a license to freely use the content, which is not exclusive.

The license for use that is given as aforementioned in the browser content to Ishieldchurch, is given without any financial consideration for the user. The license is global and unrestricted in time and also includes repeated use of the content on any media, including within the frame of reference of Ishieldchurch’s various publications and/or including future websites.  The aforementioned license for use also includes providing Ishieldchurch with the right to impart secondary licenses, execute derived creation, execute transactions and/or engagements with third parties,  with or without consideration, including rewriting, editing, processing, abbreviating, translating, copying, storing, publishing on the web and/or on any other existing and/or future media, all pursuant to Ishieldchurch’s sole discretion without any necessity for the user’s consent and without giving any consideration whatsoever to the user.

All rights reserved. copyright © Ishieldchurch

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