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Support option 1:

Register only an email address, this simple action reinforces us because it increases the number of our supporters, both spiritually and morally when performing our activities against the perpetrators of crimes of hatred.

Please share our website with your friends and relatives. Let’s use the power of social networks to fight and prevent crimes of hatred!

Support option 2:

The chooser of this option will be added to an elite and exclusive group of supporters, who receive from time to time unique information and content, relating to the Confidential actions of ishieldchurch.

An immediate payment order providing humble support (secured at the highest level) on being accepted into the group of defenders of the churches in the Holy Land. Each online supporter providing payment order receiving an immediate receipt of an acceptance certificate and membership in Ishieldchurch. In addition, each supporter can be entitled to receive a religious – spiritual – unique experience from us.

According to our holy tradition: Charity/support such as this (that saves our brothers and sisters, who dedicate their entire lives to working with God for our sakes in the churches) is the supreme value in which there is a command for each Christian and which, in itself, has the ability to atone for our sins as it contains an expression of mercy towards our brothers and sisters – who represent the Body of Christ – who dedicate their souls to the maintenance of the Holy Sites.

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.  John 1 Chapter 3 Verse 16.

The option for transferring participation fees to the group of church protectors in the Holy Land is digital transfer via PayPal/credit card/bank check. Participation fees can be transferred one-time/monthly.
(The sum will be determined by the supporter pursuant to his largess, ability and the degree of his belief in the importance of our social initiative)

Of course, every monthly supporter is entitled to order the cancellation of his support at any time.
Our money transferring system is secured via the most stringent security measures.

Organized local communities, which will make an especially substantial support to be collected by the members of the community, can ask for a physical/real visit at that community by an Ishieldchurch leader from the Holy Land, within the framework of which, at a closed and personal meeting, he will expose members of the community to information that cannot be disclosed on the website regarding Ishieldchurch’s secret activities in the Holy Land and who will also bring unique items from the Holy Land, which would spiritually reinforce and enlighten the members of that community. click here to coordinate such a meeting.
Those who wish to receive additional information about how can they be rewarded for being Ishieldchurch’s “support coordinators” within the community in which they operate, please leave your details here.

Individual supporters, who provide substantial support, can ask for a unique and personal accompaniment by an Ishieldchurch leader in the Holy Land, amongst the Holy Sites that they have saved with their money and to an exhibition of what has been done thanks to their generous help. click here to coordinate such a visit.

By virtue of his support of the group of church defenders in the Holy Land, each online supporter receives confirmation in form of a certificate.

In addition, each supporter is entitled to a symbol in any of the following Sacraments in which he wishes to be included:


For a believer who expects a miracle in a particular field in his life

The Sacrament is conducted in a unique complex (in which, according to tradition, Jesus walked just before conducting the fish and bread miracle at Beth saida, in which a meal sufficient for 5000 people was prepared from 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.

For a believer who expects to recover from any type of disease

The Sacrament is conducted at Kafr Nein, where Jesus healed the sick.

For a believer who wishes to amplify the channel of the absorption of beatitude and his happiness

The Sacrament is conducted on the Mount of Beatitudes, the hill on which Jesus preached the ”Sermon of the Mount.” Each chapter in this sermon begins with the words “Blessed be he.” On this hill, Jesus chose 12 of his faithful followers to be his disciples.

For a believer who feels the need to atone for his deeds

The Sacrament is conducted on the Via Dolorosa / the Passion the road of suffering and torment on which Jesus walked on the course that led to his death, from the court to the Crucifixion Site.

For a believer who wishes to be re-purified as preparation for receipt of Godly graciousness

The sacrament is conducted at the unique site in which Jesus baptized. Here Jesus made various miracles (walked on the water) and here he was baptized by John the Baptist.

For a believer who expects to receive tidings of a specific pregnancy/unique pregnancy blessing​

The Sacrament is conducted in the Church of the Annunciation complex in Nazareth (at which Mary brought forth the tidings of her pregnancy) with Jesus.

For a believer who wishes for a radical change in a certain field of life​

From a condition of tribulation in a certain field to a situation of abundance in that field. The sacrament is conducted at Kafr Kanna in the Galilee – where Jesus converted water into vintage wine.

Each of those unique, secret, mystic Christian Sacraments is conducted once a week by Ishieldchurch. All the names of our supporters, who sent membership fees to the church protection group in the Holy Land, during the week, are included, with their birth dates, with the aim of filling their lives with plentitude in the fields above, which they have marked, in order to purify them with the grace preserved for those who showed kindness and charity with Jesus and reduced the torment of his followers. “


As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me …  Matthew Chapter 25 Verse 40.

Each supporter is recorded in the permanent “List of Grace” of people whose details appear and are included in the above-mentioned unique ceremonies (unless he instructs the cessation of his belonging to Ishieldchurch).

Ignoring the needs of others is the road leading directly to Hell, while caring about others is an act of benevolence and the golden path to Heaven

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