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The Terms and Conditions include everything listed in the website’s privacy policy Which include additional terms and conditions that you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to.

Your browsing on this website (hereinafter: “website”) and/or your use of this website and its services, constitutes your consent (and is subject to and conditional on) the terms, privacy policy, warnings and conditions of use (hereinafter: “conditions”), detailed below.

It is hereby clarified that only the provisions in the conditions (of use) below are binding on Ishieldchurch. Therefore, please read them carefully. The user hereby declares and confirms that he is aware of the conditions (of use) on the website and that he undertakes to act pursuant to them.

The website developer and/or activator and/or  constructor and/or manager and/or employee on it and/or its supplier and/or those advertising on it and/or its extensions and/or its marketer and/or those marketing on it etc. (hereinafter: “On behalf of Ishieldchurch” ).

The browser on the website and/or use of the website and/or anyone on their behalf, (hereinafter: “The user”)

Ishieldchurch and the Website are belongs to IITHL, Social Enterprise Ltd. (hereinafter: “Ishieldchurch”), and it will issue the invoice/receipt in Hebrew for the financial support of the supporter of Ishieldchurch (according to the law in Israel)

The Applicable Law and Jurisdiction Competence

Because Ishieldchurch receive financial support from various locations throughout the world and if Ishieldchurch will forced to invest its resources in legal responses of any kind whatsoever (for attorneys at law, courts, etc.) for any person whatsoever regarding any claim whatsoever (beyond approaches/questions that do not have a legal nature in the box intended for this on the website itself and to which Ishieldchurch wishes to respond) this will come on account of Ishieldchurch’s important and hallowed activity, 

Therefore it is agreed that :

The user does not nor shall have any claim and/or right and/or lawsuit and/or demand of any kind whatsoever against Ishieldchurch.
It shall not be possible to submit any claim/demand/lawsuit against Ishieldchurch at any location whatsoever in the world.
Should a browser breach this agreement and/or any claim whatsoever is filed, the browser hereby declares the following:
The browser’s irrevocable advance consent is hereby given  that Ishieldchurch will request from the entity to which the browser approached to reject/completely erase the browser’s claim/demand/lawsuit while giving Ishieldchurch compensation  worth 100 times the sum that the browser demanded and/or 100 times the legal costs that Ishieldchurch was forced to expend for the purposes of defending against the: claim/demand/lawsuit.

The sole judicial location regarding any matter deriving: From the regulations/conditions of use or the services relating to them / from a contract / from this website, is in the competent  law courts in the Holy City in the Holy Land (the city of Jerusalem in the State of Israel), which shall adjudicate the matter pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel and only in this location  can they be raised for a legal hearing (because the user consents that they shall have the personal authority in any of the aforementioned matters).

The user consents to the fact that there shall not be any incidence of the instructions and/or international rules of the conflict of the law and, therefore, in any event, there will not be any judicial discussion outside the boundaries of the State of Israel.

In view of the frequent changes in the Internet field and Ishieldchurch’s reliance on these regulations, any right that is not expressly imparted to the user is reserved for Ishieldchurch. The user agrees that the phraseology in these regulations should not be interpreted in a restricted manner against Ishieldchurch. For example, if it has been determined that any section whatsoever in these regulations lacks legal force and/or cannot be enforced, the section must be perceived as if replaced by a legal enforceable section, the content of which is the closest to the intent of the original section, without having any effect on the binding and enforceable content of the other sections in the regulation.
Any waiver, postponement, extension or alleviation on the part of Ishieldchurch towards the user shall not constitute a precedent, shall not be activated to the detriment of Ishieldchurch and shall not be deemed as a waiver of its rights pursuant to the regulation (excluding a specific waiver in writing – in original inked hard copy and not signed digitally – signed by Ishieldchurch for that specific user).

If, despite all the aforementioned, a demand/claim/lawsuit is submitted against Ishieldchurch by the user (including if reference is a legal entity that is not a private living person (hereinafter: “The plaintiff entity”), then the plaintiff entity hereby consents and undertakes that immediately on Ishieldchurch’s first demand  to compensate and indemnify Ishieldchurch against any indebtedness or expenses deriving from: Demands, claims, losses, damages, injury, financial loss, expense, payment claims, verdicts, damage to reputation and good name, legal expenses and legal fees of any kind and type whatsoever. 

In any event (that for any reason whatsoever any forum whatsoever should decide to debate any claim whatsoever) then it is agreed that Ishieldchurch’s total liability shall be limited to the sum that the plaintiff paid for Ishieldchurch’s services and, if they were not paid, then it is agreed that the total liability is zero.

Ishieldchurch is not responsible for the websites to which there are links on the website and for the quality of the service provided to them and shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding these websites. The links existing on the website should not be perceived as a recommendation to use them and they are on the website solely for the user’s convenience.

Intellectual property rights

The copyright regarding and/or of the website, including its design, content and the graphic elements appearing on it belong exclusively to Ishieldchurch, (without any rights whatsoever for the entity defined above on behalf of Ishieldchurch). The right to fair personal use is reserved for the user, subject to the conditions of use and to any law and not for commercial use.
Use of the site and/or the content that you receive when browsing to it and/or the use of Ishieldchurch’s services (hereinafter: “Ishieldchurch’s services”) do not impart you with any ownership of the intellectual property rights in Ishieldchurch’s services. You are not entitled to use Ishieldchurch’s services unless you have received authorization from the content owner (Ishieldchurch) as the law allows. The conditions of use do not impart you with the right to use the brand and any symbols whatsoever that are found when using Ishieldchurch’s services. Do not remove, conceal or alter legal messages presented on the website and/or in Ishieldchurch’s services and/or when using them.

In the event that in any publication whatsoever on the website, no credit is given to the creator, which, pursuant to the laws should have been given and/or credit has been given improperly, the user must contact Ishieldchurch immediately the moment that he is made aware of this, in order to enable correction of the credit. The sole, full and final remedy for a user in an event as aforementioned, shall be solely giving and/or correcting the credit, according to the correct context of the specific event.

The user undertakes not to duplicate, photocopy, print, copy and/or publicly publish (in any manner whatsoever whether directly and/or indirectly) the information appearing on the website and/or any part thereof and not to assist others to do so.

It is hereby declared that the user cannot use the information and/or content on the website for the purposes of creating and/or publishing an anthology, collection, summary, change in the information, processing, storing, editing or information banks and news and, furthermore, any transactions and/or engagements with third parties in the information in any part thereof with or without consideration are prohibited.

Furthermore, it is absolutely prohibited to present the information or content, including video and audio segments, which appear on the website in framing and/or in any other manner or form, which is not directly linked to the original entire Internet page of the website in which the information or content appear.


Do not use the website services adversely. For example, do not disturb our services and do not try to access them and/or Ishieldchurch in any other manner except through the interface and instructions that we provide.

Inter alia, Ishieldchurch’s services are likely to present content that is not that of Ishieldchurch. This content is under the sole responsibility of the legal entity that published it. Ishieldchurch will likely examine content in order to determine whether it is illegal or whether it breaches our policy and we could remove or refuse to present content for which we have reasonable cause to believe breaches our policy or transgresses the law. However, because in the modern era, it is unrealistic/unreasonable that we will succeed in tracing all such content, please set out from the point of the assumption that we do not examine such content (which is not that of Ishieldchurch).

At its sole and full discretion, Ishieldchurch is entitled to cease the website’s services entirely or partially and/or make changes in them and/or the manner of payment for them as well as to remove content and information from the website without saving them, all pursuant to its sole discretion and without the need of providing advance notice or  for the consent of users or any third party whatsoever.

Ishieldchurch is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for services and/or content on the website (including regarding the reliability, accessibility or their ability to meet your requirements). I.e., Ishieldchurch provides its services and website content AS IS, without any commitment as to any results whatsoever and/or any benefit whatsoever.
To the extent permissible by the law, Ishieldchurch does not offer/make pretenses to provide, any commitment/practical benefit whatsoever (including to the extent that the matter involves any link whatsoever to the Sacraments executed by it and/or the Sacraments that the user/donor marked) and is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for the loss of information (including due to a leakage of details that the user and/or any other person provided to the website) and/or data and/or any financial information whatsoever, including for damages: Direct, indirect, special, punitive, resultant, for example etc.

Users are absolutely prohibited from making any attempt to collect and/or collect information about the website in any manner whatsoever, including: Using technological means, activation or assisting to activate computer applications or any other means with the purpose of scanning and/or copying and/or retrieving and/or mining information, to prevent from executing and/or causing any change whatsoever in the website content, including in the content of browsers, advertising and other content, including not to intervene in the original code of the website.

Furthermore, the user undertakes to avoid executing any activity whatsoever that contains anything to interrupt the website’s activity and/or the use of it, including by way of: Disruption and/or interference in the computer activity, for example “viruses,” “moles,” “worms” and other harmful applications and/or penetration into the computer material and/or preparing and/or inserting content (such as: “A Trojan horse”) in a manner that could cause damage or disruption to the computer  and/or the computer material and/or writing imaginary content on the website and/or erasing computer material.

It is agreed that Ishieldchurch is hereby exempt from any responsibility and/or indebtedness linked to and/or relating to registration and/or collection and/or clearing executed directly or indirectly in the wake of use of the website.

Ishieldchurch shall not bear any responsibility in respect of activity and/or services that the user receives from third parties that were published on this website and/or the user reached them via the website.

Ishieldchurch is entitled to give the user’s personal details to competent authorities or third parties and/or to activate and send the user identification files, which would enable it to identify the computer from which the user created access to the website (and to use the information received by it in the wake of this) if, pursuant to its discretion, the circumstances necessitate this.

The user undertakes that the information and/or content on the website will not be used by him and/or others for the purposes of profit and/or  any commercial or business purposes whatsoever and/or in a manner that is likely to prejudice Ishieldchurch, including presenting and/or storing the information outside of the website, including on other websites on the web or on any other media, including the prohibition on any use whatsoever in relation to all the types of information on the website, including content and publications of third parties that are not Ishieldchurch’s property, including the prohibition on transferring and/or referring information and/or creating links to propagate Internet sites and/or to breaching the intellectual rights of third parties.

The use of the information and/or actions of the uses that will be made in its wake and/or his reliance on it is the sole responsibility of the user.

It must be emphasized that it is forbidden to include and perceive any Jew and/or Muslim and/or any person from another religion as, heaven forbid, interested in damaging in any manner whatsoever and, of course, it is very important not to adopt any violent and/or illegal action whatsoever against any person/place whatsoever as a response to criminal actions executed against our hallowed websites On the contrary, the best Christian response is always an action executed with love. Only a legal, nonviolent action such as the financial and spiritual reinforcement of Ishieldchurch (which is fighting against violent and illegal crimes of hate in a legal manner) is the suitable and proper response to those perpetrators of violent crimes of hate and vandalism.

Furthermore, one of Ishieldchurch’s most effective channels of action for realizing its goals, is cooperating with the law enforcement systems in the Holy Land with the goal of reinforcing their ability to eliminate crimes of hatred. Therefore, it is very important for Ishieldchurch and its supporters to act within the frame of reference of the law only so that this cooperation is not jeopardized.

All rights reserved. copyright © Ishieldchurch

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